Product care

We have been working with concrete design mix for several years till we found the perfect formula for Hardmades products. All pieces are handcrafted from ultra-high performance lightweight concrete. Depending on the type of product, our concrete's compressive strength is ranging from 10,000 PSI / 70 MPa to 15 000 PSI /100 MPa. Knowing that its several times stronger than traditional concrete, we can guarantee that our concrete will not break, crack or chip. All products are functional and long-lasting.

To further strengthen our products, all concrete elements are sealed and protected from dirt and water with special coating solutions. However, concrete pieces will become darker with time as they interact with moisture and air. It's a living entity. Therefore, it requires a minimal maintenance.

How to take care of your concrete items:

- Do not use vinegar, acids, solvents, or any other aggressive materials for concrete cleaning. It may affect the protective coatings. 

- Clean concrete surface with a fiber cloth from dust, or clean sponge and warm water, if necessary.

- Concrete elements should be prevented from hitting and dropping.

- Avoid storing products in humid or wet environments since water will penetrate pores of the concrete and weaken the structural integrity of the products.

- Jewelry pieces should not be brought into the shower or worn during water activities.