Concrete hands


These gorgeous hands are solid cast from concrete and each one is unique with beautiful details of fingerprints and realistic skin texture.

Can be used in so many different ways, here are just a few ideas:

  • entryway holder for change and keys;
  • desk organizer for paperclip, bits and pieces storage;
  • succulent or cactus planter;
  • jewelry or tealight holder;
  • or simply just as a unique element of your interior/exterior.

Weight: 1,3 kg / 2.9lbl. Size of actual hands.

Production: hand-cast in one piece. Sealed with seamless eco-friendly food-sade sealant to preserve a natural look of the concrete.*

*While the utmost care goes into handcrafting each piece, the imperfections associated with concrete and concrete casting are inevitable. However, these imperfections almost always add character and uniqueness to the design.